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WEST MANCHESTER, Pa. – A Walmart in West Manchester Township is conducting an investigation after a man found a syringe in the pocket of a sweatshirt for his son.

Ricky Jones was “horrified” after he found the syringe inside the front pocket of a sweatshirt that was purchased at 18000 Loucks Rd in York.

Jones posted on social media about this incident and received over 200 shares and comments. A spokesperson said that they would be conducting an investigation.

He urges people on social media to double check any clothing items before purchasing just in case.

“I just don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” Jones said. “Had this happened to a younger child, they might have found it and played with it.”

Staff members and management were unable to provide an explanation on why the syringe ended up in the sweatshirt in the first place.

Jones received a full refund and a new sweatshirt. He did not file a police report.

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By Donovan Vincent

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